Dongyun Zheng

Visiting Scholar
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


Single Entity Electrochemistry


I am a Chinese visiting scholar in Professor Peter C. Ford and Professor Lior Sepunaru's group. My previous research has focused on the fabrication and biomedical application of electrochemical nitric oxide sensors based on nanocomposite materials modified macroelectrode or microelectrode. My present project is the single entity electrochemistry which refers to the study of one "thing" at a time by electrochemical means. Specifically, we explored the electrocatalytic capabilities of a water soluble MnBr(CO)3bpyCOOH complex towards heterogeneous hydrogen peroxide decomposition and water splitting. Due to the high catalytic rate it might be feasible to monitor the reaction under individual molecule level and compare the stability and catalytic rate at the single entity level with respect to a film ensemble.


Methods based on electrochemical collision events of individual entities have rapidly emerged as a novel approach for investigation of electron transfer processes associated with single entities as they collide with a microelectrode.